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 Six Pack

As a professional trainer, coach, and mentor working with professionals from all walks of life, including athletes, entertainers, and managers, and as a professional dancer and trainer, I have learned the secrets to achieving a strong and clean body that I will share with you.

Fabulous Abs is a creative and unique and renewing holistic approach to shaping and renewal with a philosophy that combines the basics of pilates, yoga, tai chi, and the art of dance to create a transformational revitalization. mental/physical exercise.

Nothing else shows the strength and attractiveness of the opposite gender and the beautiful appearance of the belly. So it’s no surprise that men and women want to abstain. The problem is, what is the healthiest and most effective way to achieve six-packed abdominal muscles?

The answer lies in the low percentage of body fat. This can be achieved quickly with a healthy diet, intense training, and aerobic exercise. But if you want to have a very good selection of six-pack, you need a well-developed middle section. That’s why I listed the most effective abdominal exercises recommended by the American Council on Exercise. By performing the following exercises regularly, every week and week, you can quickly get six packs.

Unique principles of operation of the Abs

  • You may need to create a quiet space to reach this level of concentration. The eight principles of Fabulous Abs are as follows:
  • Cooperation between mind and body creates a neuromuscular connection Connection of the brain (neuro) and body (muscle) (cooperate) Neuromuscular connection. Connections are the senses of kinesthetic knowledge that you can feel and see in your mind what the body is doing. You use the mind to overtrain your muscles, and you have to be in your body at all times.

• Idea Action. Dealing with grace and style. When you make the connection between how you feel when you move and how your body responds, your exercise will be more effective. The clearer you can see your body through the eye of your mind and get a mental picture of your new body that you see the way you want, the more you will get a sense of completeness of exercise, which is why the connection is very strong.

Mindful Control Accurately visualize the desired result – To define your abdominal muscles and other parts of your body, you need to engage and observe. Connect and be careful with each movement. Pay attention to every aspect of movement and watch how you feel, how your body responds to movement, and how your spine feels. Did they pull your navel on your back? Is your breath complete and rhythmic?

Ballet Center Hollowing – Entrance to the groove; Fine Pattern Grove, Imprint, Bullets  Groves. Special focus on the torso (abdominal muscles, pelvic girdle, lower back, buttock muscles) can develop a strong core and allow other parts of the body to function effectively. All action starts from the tribe and flows to the end.

  • The calm state of mind – Before you move, you need to be calm and this provides a safe starting point for movement. Finally, when you are ready, you can build up the intensity of the movement and increase the resistance level in the body.

Breath – Full and deep. Coordinated, conscious diaphragmatic patterns of inhaling and exhaling begin to move, helping to activate deep muscles and move on.
you are straight.

Overall alignment – Proper alignment is most important for proper posture – You will know the position of the head and neck at the back and pelvis, at the root of the feet and toes. If the muscle or bone in the body is not in line, then the whole structure will be affected when we sit on the ball, stand on our feet or lie on the mat.

Beautiful movements – smooth, continuous movement instead of a repeated movement. The principles of flow and accuracy open the door to a holistic experience of movement that is just as beautiful to the eye.

General Body Focus– Many different muscle groups are simultaneously involved in controlling and supporting the movement.

Understanding that your core symbolizes your strength can also help your strength in you connect with other parts of your life.

This is what makes vertical training unique. As you go through the program and start trying each exercise, you feel your body respond to it. If you want to experience more loneliness that will give you a better body, you can make simple spelling changes for each individual in the program.

Reverse Crunch

  • This exercise seems to focus only on the lower abdominal muscles, but your abdomen is a long muscle, so you can’t separate the upper abdominal muscles from the lower abdominal muscles.
  • 1. Lie on the floor and place your hands on the floor or behind your head (do not pull your neck).
  • 2. Pull your knees to your chest until they reach about 90 degrees, with your legs crossed or at the same time.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles by twisting your hips off the floor and reaching your feet to the ceiling.
  • 4. Empty and then repeat exercises 12-16 repetitions.
  • 5. If this movement is slight, try using the abdomen to lift the thigh instead of swinging the legs to create momentum.

Full vertical crunch

During full vertical crunches, your abdominal muscles work by touching the lower and upper body.

  • 1. Lie on your back and straighten your legs to the ceiling.
  • 2. Put your hands behind your head (remember not to strain your neck) and contract your abdominal muscles so that you lift your shoulders off the floor.
  • 3. Then push your heels to the ceiling to create a “U” shape on your body.
  • 4. Start and repeat the movement after 12-16 repetitions.

Workout and Diet for a Six-Pack Abs Routine

Ab Rocker

  • Ab Rocker workout requires the Ab Rocker machine, which you will find in most fitness clubs.
  • 1. Sit on Ab Rocker and hold the beams in each hand.
  • 2. Shorten your abdominal muscles and lean forward, using your abdominal muscles instead of shaking back and forth.
  • 3. Release and then repeat the movement for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps.
  • 4. Be sure to slow down to reduce your energy. Try to focus on the abdominal muscles instead of pushing with your hands.

Let’s face it, a mature muscular look is very with hexagons and is often admired by most people. But without a proper fitness program, it can take a long time to achieve such a sculptural look. For men as well as for women, fitness includes a program of diet, exercise, and adequate rest.

  • The latter is especially important if you are trying to lose weight because it helps lower cortisol levels. During sleep, the body heals and regenerates cells. Rest for 7 to 8 hours at night, but remember that if you exercise regularly, spend at least one day a week relaxing your body and building new muscles.
  • Food plays a big role in improving the torn body. Protein, the building block of every cell in the body, must be taken in with every meal. Low saturated fat protein sources are the best choice and are found in vegetables and legumes such as meat. Beans, avocados, and chicken are good examples of low-fat proteins.
  • While rest and diet are essential components of health, the main reason to get a 6-pack of abdominal muscles is exercise. A plan that includes cardio and strength training repeatedly provides the best results. However, gaining a sculpted muscular appearance will require specific exercises to use this area.
  • One exercise that tightens the abdominal muscles is crunching the abdomen. If you are doing this exercise and all the other exercises as well, keep the core up. The principle of Pilates, basic participation helps strengthen the abdominal muscles, strengthen the back and flatten the abdomen to make it look torn 6-pack, which many athletes and admirers envy.

Abdominal Crunch

• Lie on your back pad with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.

• Put your hands on your ears or gently behind your head. Don’t pull your neck. You can choose to start with your right hand on your right ear while your left arm is close to your body. This will prevent you from pulling your neck. When you turn, lower your right arm and place your left hand on your left ear.

• Bend the middle part up and again and straighten the right elbow towards the left knee. (When turning sideways, your left elbow will point to your right knee.)

  • Repeat 8-12 times and turn the sides upside down. Goal: 3 sets.
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